Here are some fun facts about the Monster Jam trucks and the drivers coming to Tampa on Saturday.


The Tampa Monster Jam truck lineup includes some popular veterans and even two family rivalries: a husband and wife racing each other and a father and daughter competing.

• Grave Digger: One of the most famous and iconic monster trucks of all time, driven by Adam Anderson, its creator’s son.

• Monster Mutt Dalmatian: Driven by Candice Jolly, only the second woman to drive a monster truck when hired by Monster Jam in 2007.

• Maximum Destruction, better known as Max-D: Driven by Neil Elliott, Candice Jolly’s husband.

• Wild Flower: A fairly new truck driven by Rosalee Ramer, one of the youngest and most accomplished female drivers.

 Time Flys: Driven by Rosalee’s father, Kelvin Ramer, the 1934 Ford pickup truck body style is popular on the track for its unique look.

• Brodozer: Driven by Colt Stephens, the fairly new truck was made in partnership with the Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers.

• Zombie: A crowd favorite with fans and drivers who dress like zombies, it has arms extending from the hood and hair that whips around during the performance. Driven by Paul Strong.

• Mohawk Warrior: One of the first trucks to sport a decoration on the roof — a giant mohawk — it is sponsored by Great Clips and driven by Bryce Kenny.

• El Toro Loco: Driven by Scott Buetow, it was one of the first 3-D body shells, with horns sticking out of the roof.

• Slinger: Formerly known as Gunslinger, it was redesigned to turn the gun images to slingshots, and the name was shortened. This was done after Feld removed the gun turret from its Soldier Fortune monster truck in 2017 and redesigned the Metal Mulisha that year to remove the image of a gun on the side of the truck. Driven by Scott Hartsock.

• Earthshaker: A custom dump truck driven by Steven Thompson.

• Xtermigator: Features a custom front grille designed to resemble an alligator’s mouth. Driven by J.R. McNeal.

• Wolf’s Head: A new truck in the series that looks like, you guessed it, a giant wolf head. Driven by Aaron Basl.

• Saigon Shaker: A custom Jeep m715 monster truck driven by Ryan Disharoon.


SIZE: 10 feet wide, 12 feet tall, close to 12,000 pounds

FUEL: About 10 gallons of methanol fuel per truck is used per show.

TIRES: 66 inches tall, 43 inches wide, about 645 pounds

NITROGEN-CHARGED SHOCKS: Shock absorbers contain nitrogen to charge the hydraulic fluid, allowing for performances where conventional shocks would have resulted in injury to the driver.

NO DOORS: Most Monster Jam trucks don’t have doors, so drivers enter from underneath the truck.

DRIVER’S SEAT: The driver’s seat is custom-made for each driver’s body and located in the center of a truck, unlike a regular car with the driver’s seat on one side.

FRONT AND REAR STEERING: Front and rear steering in a Monster Jam truck allow for tighter turns and pivots.